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02 December 2011 @ 04:23 pm
☆ Happiness☆  
Please to meet you everyone, we're Happiness. We are junior high students, a girls performance group.

This time we want to be able to perform all over the world.
Tomorrow the second set of our performances will be finished.

Japan vs. Poland! The Japanese had gained victory.
Tomorrow lets support the Japanese team again tomorrow.

I'm SAYAKA from Happiness.
We have just started a Ameba blog.
I think I'll upload things about fashion.
Please take care of me.

I'm MIMU from Happiness.
From today we have started an Ameba blog!
I hope that everyone can get to know Happiness more.
Please check us out.

Nice to meet you everyone, I'm KAEDE from Happiness.
I hope everyone will get to know more about Happiness through this blog. I hope that this blog will bring you joy.
Everyone, please check it out. I'll be in your care

Please to meet you, I'm Happiness's KAREN.
This blog is going to bring me a lot of fun times.
Everyone will hopefully refer to this interesting blog.
I think I'll be updating a lot.
Please watch us.
Please take care of me.

Nice to meet you everyone.
I'm MIYUU from Happiness.
Today, our Ameba blog has started!
Because this blog has started, I hope to bring happiness to everyone.
Please check it out!!

Please to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm Happiness's YURINO!
Our Ameba blog has started!!
Please check it out!

Nice to meet you
I'm Mayu from Happiness.
This is my first attempt with an blog from Ameba
I'm very nervous.
Through this blog, I want to reduce the distance between us.
I'll try my best.
Please take care of me.